Atlantic Labs

Atlantic Labs is a European first round investor, headquartered in Berlin. We believe entrepreneurs shape the future and work hard to support ambitious founders throughout their entire entrepreneurial journey. 

Since 2013, we have led over 150 first round investments – backing category creators such as Soundcloud, GetYourGuide, Clue, Vimcar, Zenjob, Choco, and Wandelbots.

Emerging technologies excite us as much as startups tackling social challenges. Recent investments have focused on decarbonisation, artificial intelligence, and industrial automation. 

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Industries are under pressure to decarbonise – and the founders who can show them the path will be some of Europe’s next tech champions. 

We fundamentally believe that entrepreneurship is a key driver of change and this will be true for decarbonisation efforts too. As a partner at pre-seed, we look forward to working alongside mission-driven and daring founders to build iconic and impactful ventures stemming from Europe.

Daniel Niemi, Partner

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