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Let‘s scale all available climate technologies

Only by scaling highly innovative climate tech startups can we still meet the climate targets in time.

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Climate Movers Database

Our extensive database offers a detailed overview about Europe’s key researchers in the field of climate technologies.

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Green Public Procurement

Climate-neutral procurement by federal, state and local governments offers enormous potential for reducing emissions and building green lead markets.

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Energy Resilience Leadership Group

By acting with urgency and innovation, we can decrease dependence on natural gas and move Europe toward a cleaner, resilient, and more secure energy future.

Let‘s scale all availble climate technologies

Only by scaling highly innovative climate tech startups can we still meet the climate targets in time.

Who we are

Our mission

The Tech for Net Zero Alliance is a network of leading climate tech startups, scaleups and investors in Germany and the DACH region. To accelerate the scale-up of breakthrough climate technologies, the alliance focusses on expanding climate tech finance, stimulating market demand, and adopting an enabling regulatory environment.

Given the abundance of technical solutions, talent, and financial resources, we believe achieving the climate targets is a matter of speed, focus, and execution. We need all hands on deck to move faster and turn Europe into a climate tech powerhouse.

As a Climate Tech Think Tank, the Tech for Net Zero Alliance is a reliable partner for policy makers, investors, and founders. In addition, the Tech for Net Zero Alliance supports the Climate Tech ecosystem in Germany, Europe and beyond.


The alliance is a network of founders of climate tech startups as well as venture capital investors with a clear climate focus. The alliance is additionally supported by a network of think tanks, research, science, and the established economy.

News & Articles


  • EU Climate Tech Manifesto

    Demands of the climate tech ecosystem for European policymakers Europe is at a crossroads: the continent’s economic strength and resilience have been increasingly challenged in recent years. The European Union (EU) must now come up with a clear strategy and smart measures to respond to these challenges. Smart economic policies, market-oriented mechanisms and strategic investments…

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  • Public Credit Guarantees

    How to finance the scaling of breakthrough climate technologies? Many climate tech startups and scaleups struggle to secure the necessary financing for first-of-a-kind (FOAK) facilities – even with existing offtake agreements. Venture capital financing, the most common form of startup finance, is usually not sufficient to meet the investment needs of hardware startups. However, loans…

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  • Green Public Procurement

    Policy paper: “Green Public Procurement – Stimulating climate-neutral demand for a competitive EU net zero economy: A case study of Germany” The public sector awards contracts worth around 500 billion euros a year in Germany alone – equivalent to around 13% of gross domestic product. Such massive purchasing power can be leveraged to reduce greenhouse…

    Read article: Green Public Procurement


The Climate Tech Resources for Founders provide founders with knowledge base on topics such as Offtake Agreements, Grants, First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) and Next-of-a-Kind (NOAK), Lifecycle Analysis (LCA), Climate Tech Business Models, Letters of Intent (LOIs), Techno Economic Analysis (TEA) and our Climate Movers Database. Resources are added on a rolling basis.

Tech for Net Zero provides operational support for Climate Tech Founders and seeks to collect relevant information and guidance for innovators.

The Community of Practice for Industry Heat seeks to drive the decarbonisation of industrial heat with a strategic focus on enhancing energy and climate resilience in Europe. The holistic approach includes the four strategic components (1) industry network, (2) financing solutions, (3) renewable electricity and (4) policy and regulations. 

Tech for Net Zero connects relevant actors in the field of industrial heat to accelerate the
sector’s decarbonisation.

The Energy Resilience Leadership Group (ERLG) is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by Breakthrough Energy and Siemens Energy that brings together corporate CEOs, political leaders, financial institutions, and startups at the technology frontier. The Group was launched at the 2023 Munich Security Conference with the goal to enhance Europe’s energy resilience by rapidly bringing emerging climate technologies to scale.

Tech for Net Zero provides operational support to ERLG and brings the perspective of innovative climate startups to potential partnerships.


Tobias Lechtenfeld

Speaker of Tech for Net Zero and Partner at 1.5°Ventures

Pia Dorfinger

Speaker of Tech for Net Zero and Head of Digital Technologies & Start-up Ecosystem at dena

Julian Joswig

Policy & Climate Alliance Manager of Tech for Net Zero

Alliance Chair

Ann Mettler

Vice President Europe of Breakthrough Energy

Corinna Enders

Chairwoman of the dena Management Board

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Breakthrough Energy

The Tech for Net Zero Alliance was founded in 2021 as a joint initiative by the German Energy Agency (dena) with Breakthrough Energy and 1.5°Ventures. The goal of the alliance is to address existing barriers to the creation, scaling and growth of climate tech startups to facilitate meeting the climate goals. The alliance engages with policymakers, financiers, industry and academia to bring breakthrough climate technologies to market and scale, via faster funding and a better enabling environment.