Heat production in industry stands for roughly 20% of the global energy consumption – and is still 90% produced by fossil fuels. ecop Technologies GmbH is an Austrian based cleantech company, with the mission to speed up energy transition by means of cleaner and more efficient heat in industry.

ecop has developed a high-efficient, high flexible and environmentally friendly heat pump for industrial applications that can save more than 2.000t of CO2 annually by replacing gas for heat production up to 200°C with typical ROIs between 3-5 years.

The company arises from 15+ years of R&D activities on its innovative Rotation Heat Pump, based on a unique and first of its kind operation principle. Besides very high temperature lifts and output temperatures, the main advantages of ecop´s Rotation Heat Pump are its flexibility and the non-flammable, non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly working medium.

“Decarbonizing industrial heat production up to 200°C is already possible at acceptable ROIs. We need courageous entrepreneurial decisions to give new technologies a chance even in established industrial processes. That´s where strong ecosystems like Tech for Net Zero can strongly contribute by giving decision-makers the decisive kick.”

Fabian Sacharowitz, CEO

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