Electrochaea is a growth stage power to gas technology company with an innovative solution for storage of intermittent renewable energy, utilisation of carbon and generation of synthetic methane.

Electrochaea’s technology combines carbon dioxide – which can come as a pure separated stream or as a component in raw biogas – with green hydrogen made from renewable electricity to produce BioCat Methane, a low-carbon intensity drop-in substitute for fossil natural gas in a proprietary, flexible and scalable system. 

The grid-quality renewable methane can be used anywhere fossil gas is used, including applications on site, compression or liquefaction for use as low-carbon transportation fuel / eLNG, or transported across borders and stored across seasons. 

At Electrochaea, we believe that the key to advancing cleantech technologies lies in building strong collaborations and investing in the companies that develop those technologies. By creating strong partnerships and ensuring the availability of supportive frameworks, we can accelerate the adoption of green solutions and thus ensure a more sustainable future.

Jon Dyar Boles, Chief Investment Officer

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