HyperHeat is a climate tech company dedicated to revolutionizing industrial heating processes with cutting-edge electric heater technology capable of achieving temperatures up to 2000°C using only renewable electricity. Our mission is to enable heavy industries, traditionally reliant on fossil fuels, to transition towards zero-emission operations, thereby drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

We believe the path to significant emission reductions lies in transforming energy-intensive sectors through scalable, high-impact solutions. HyperHeat targets a potential to reduce over 1Gt CO2e annually by retrofitting existing industrial infrastructure, linking emission reductions directly to our revenue model. 

At HyperHeat, we assemble top talent from engineering, materials science, and business development to forge a formidable team capable of driving technological advancements and market adoption. Our approach ensures that every step from concept to commercialization is optimized for impact, efficiency, and scalability.

“To make a real impact, we need cohesive efforts from innovators, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, accelerating development and enabling significant, sustainable change.”

Frederick Lessmann, Co-CEO

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