Ore Energy

Ore Energy is a climate tech company, developing new generation solutions for long-duration energy storage (LDES), based on very abundant materials: iron, water and air. Our battery used no critical material and is very cost-effective compared to existing storage solutions.

With our solution, we aim to address the intermittency of renewable energy sources, ensuring that renewable energies are available at all times. Currently, dispatchable power plants, primarily gas and coal, are relied upon to produce energy during periods of low solar and wind renewable generation. Without long-duration energy storage, achieving a complete energy transition is not feasible.

To advance our long-duration battery development, we need dedicated investors prepared to join us on this journey, public institutions willing to adapt regulations, and early adopters among end-users eager to test our product. Our electrochemistry specialists will take care of the rest .”

Maxime Guymard, CFO/CCO 

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